Hey there! I’m Amanda, the voice behind The Sunny Lemon. I’m an Artist, Graphic Designer, and all around Goober from Georgia. I love to have my hands in anything creative: knitting, making music, solo dance parties in my room. You name it. I love it. I have the cutest Yorkie in the world named Oliver Chamberlain (Ollie). He lights up my life in so many ways.

I truly believe my purpose in life is to become the best version of myself that I can possibly be. This goal is always in the forefront of my mind even while I struggle with depression and anxiety. While browsing social networks, I’ve found so many women (and men) that have this common goal. They share ideas about planners, Bullet Journals, and organizational systems. They strive to organize themselves in the pursuit of leading better lives. People want to feel happy and productive. I think most people know what they want their lives or selves to look like, but don’t always feel they are there yet. I’m one of those people.

In July 2015 I had a mental breakdown. It completely changed my perspective on the world, my life, and societal expectations. All the sudden I found myself 30 years old, single, living back with my parents, with no job, and no social life. For the first 2-3 months I couldn’t even function enough to care. It has been quite a journey for me to get to where I am now, but I wouldn’t change it. I have the unique opportunity to start over. I get to build, from scratch, the life I always wanted to have.

So here I am, The Sunny Lemon, sharing my stories. I’m joining the conversation with like-minded people who struggle (as humans do) in the pursuit of creating the life they want to live. I’m no expert, but I live with the struggle of climbing the internal mountain in my mind. I have held on tightly as depression has tried to force me to give up. I have fought with every ounce of my being to persevere and take one small step and then another. I’m not perfect, but if I succeed at anything it will be never giving up.

I want to encourage you to never give up. I want you to persevere. I want us all to climb our mountains and have the biggest celebration at the top. I want to empower you to Be Your Own Hero and Save Your Own Day.