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How to Care for Yourself When You’re Feeling Bad

How to Be Care for Yourself When You're Feeling Bad

I am a strong believer that when our bodies get sick, they are trying to tell us to SLOW DOWN. We spend the majority of our time overworking and overstressing ourselves until our bodies just need a break. I have had multiple personal experiences of getting sick right when I’m at my busiest. It just so happens it’s always when I forget to take breaks or days off.

This post doesn’t just apply to when you are sick. You know when you feel tired or stressed and you are upset that you can’t get just one more thing done? Yeah, you need a break then too. Stop trying to force yourself into productivity, because taking a break is just as (if not more) productive than working sometimes. So here’s how to care for yourself when you’re feeling bad.

Be Patient.

I don’t know about you, but patience is just not in my DNA. It’s a forced trait I have to fake most of the time. This is the first and most important step to caring for yourself though. Be patient with yourself. You’re tired and you need a break. Don’t get frustrated with yourself.

Sometimes it helps me to think about how I would treat a friend or loved one that was feeling bad. All that love and understanding I would feel for them. Patience wouldn’t even be an issue. Of course they need a break! They need love and pampering and time to rest. Now turn it back on yourself. Be a friend to yourself. You won’t be “unproductive” forever, but right now resting is the best thing you can do.


No working. I repeat NO WORKING. Lay in bed or on the couch and watch TV. Every single thing you do needs to be completely unproductive and relaxing. Take a bath, pamper yourself, or binge watch The Walking Dead. Whatever relaxes you, do that thing. If you’re are mentally exhausted, consider it taking a sick day without being physically sick.

Treat yo’self!

If a loved one was feeling bad, you might get them a special treat to help make them feel better. You don’t have to go over the top here, but doing or buying a little something super special for yourself can do wonders to your mood.  Your favorite ice cream, some relaxing bath oil, a movie rental…heck sometimes just shaving your legs is a treat. (Am I right, ladies? Haha) Whatever it is, this is the time to treat yourself and do it guilt free.

The quicker you STOP working and START giving yourself a break, the sooner you will feel better. You can’t be productive all the time; and no, your body can’t wait just 2 more days. Everything in this world is a careful balance and your body is no different. It’s the vessel you navigate through this world in. Take care of it.

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