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I’ve Been Away and Here’s Why

I've Been Away

I’ve been overwhelmed and depressed. There. I said it. Blogging can make you (me) feel like you have to be an authoritative, have-all-my-shit-together wealth of knowledge. Which is silly, because when I started this blog I wanted to come at it as a regular ol’ person sharing the things I’ve learned. I gave myself permission to do this blog without having all of the answers. I gave myself permission to share what I’ve learned with others while still being broken myself. So why all the sudden I felt like I couldn’t write while I’ve been depressed is beyond me. Alas, I am human and that’s the only answer I can find at this moment.

What I’ve Been Doing While I’ve Been Away

Gosh, it’s been since the beginning of May since I’ve posted. I’ve been redesigning this site. Giving everything a facelift with a design that will work better for my plans for this blog.

I’ve been writing an eWorkbook for YOU to help you conquer your big huge goals. It’s going to be super meaty and I honestly can’t wait to release it.

I’ve been doing Rosalie Puiman’s [Self-Love Challenge]. It’s been hard to stick to it everyday, just because it’s hard for me to stick to anything everyday at the moment. But the meditations are really good and the daily information really gives you things to think about throughout the day. I am very serious about my pursuit of self-love. It’s my current goal and I have been putting a lot of energy into it.

I’ve been taking a lot of naps. Depression, as you know, is exhausting. I’ve been giving myself permission to just be depressed instead of trying to fight it and it’s honestly made this round a lot easier to deal with. It’s one thing to be depressed, but being upset ABOUT being depressed just adds another unnecessary negative feeling.

What I Plan to Do Now

I want to post 1 blog post per week. I wish I could post 3, but at this time it’s important for me to focus on quality instead of quantity.

I’ll be continuing to write the eBook. Because omg…it’s exciting and seriously I can’t wait to put it in your hot little hands.

I’m working on releasing another product that I think you guys will absolutely LOVE.

I’ll continue the self-love challenge. I will do the best that I can every day. I will show myself patience and compassion.

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